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2012-12-27 12:24

universal studios

In January, LBFilms will launch its first Worldwide release with Universal Studios. All 3D nature documentaries that have been produced in 2012, will now finally be released. 'Amazing Ocean' will be released in the U.S.A. on 29.01.2013:

Amazon.com (Amazing Ocean)

Mehr von uns gedrehte Naturfilme findet ihr unter www.3Dlbfilms.de, unserer neuen Naturfilm-Sparte.  Außerdem kommen im ersten Quartal 2013 noch 2 weitere Filme über Universal Studios von uns: "Dangerous Predators" und "Africa – Circle of Life".

You can find out more about our nature documentaries on www.3Dlbfilms.de - our new nature film division. The first quarter of 2013 is also noteworthy, we will release 2 more movies with Universal Studios: "Dangerous Predators" and "Africa - Circle of Life ".

Universal Studios

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