Los Banditos at Berlinale 2012

2012-01-28 23:00

Los Banditos is celebrating the annual Berlinale Event

Like every year we start with a kick off party during Germany's most important film festival and film market. We'll not only introduce our new productions "Acht" ("Eight") featuring Mathis Landwehr, Julua Dietze, Ralf Richter, Werner Daehn and the 3d movie "Zombiland" by Peter Koller, wich will be shot in Mexico in early summer, but we also invite all our friends and fellow bandits to celebrate with us.


 We still have some tickets left, so why don't you write a little text why YOU should be the one to rock with the bandits. Write to:Stefanie@lbfilms.de 

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Mathis landwehr seite

Julia Dietze


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