Cocain Bandits continues

2012-12-27 12:22

Cocaine Bandits

The Cocaine Bandits series continues in 2013 - stay tuned for Cocaine Bandits 3 and 4.

Kill Ling Pablo is based on the novel by Mark Bowden.

Killing Pablo, Mark Bowden's intoxicating account of the turbulent life of Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar and his inevitable demise, relates in riveting detail the cataclysmic effect one man can have on the world economy. Finally tracked down and killed in 1992 after a 15-month intense manhunt that had resulted in hundreds of casualties on both sides, Escobar was, ironically, that archetypal American hero, the outlaw, siding with "ordinary people" against the ruling oligarchy (although at his peak Forbes magazine listed him as the seventh-richest person in the world). His break came when the American drug of choice changed from dope to cocaine, a golden, or perhaps powdered, egg exploited by Escobar with resourceful manipulation of officials and politicians--he would offer the classic choice of his silver or his lead. Even when incarcerated at La Catedral prison on a smuggling charge, he turned it into a state within a state. The guards, the army and the police all fell within his pay and he led his operation with a quiet, well-mannered ruthlessness. Until, that is, the Americans took an interest.
Mark Bowden stützt sich auf Gespräche mit den Beteiligten und auf Hunderte von Seiten von Top-Secret-Dokumenten, darunter die Transkripte von Escobars abgehörten Telefongesprächen. Sein Bericht stellt jeden modernen Technothriller in den Schatten.

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