“ACHT” is a story about eight men, all with unique fighting styles, that are kidnapped by an illegal fight organizer named John “GAME” Cooper.
He puts together a huge tournament that is broadcasted world wide on the internet, taking illegal bets on the outcome of the fights. In the beginning everything seems to go according to plan: The fighters kill each other out of greed and fear for their own life. But John underestimates one fighter -  Chris Becker, who successfully unites the last remaining eight men.
Together they plan and execute a revolt against the “GAME” in a race of life or death, where nobody's survival is certain.



Genre: Action

State: Preproduction
Release Date: 2013
Release Info: Cinema in 3D

Cast: Mathis Landwehr, Julia Dietze, Ralf Richter, Werner Daehn - further actors are waiting for confirmation

Regie: tba

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